Steve O Reno

Instructor / Pro-Wrestler

Steve began his training in 2007 when AAPW was under the name OFC (Quest for Champions). He made his debut in 2008, and since then has wrestled all across Texas as well as several other states. Steve has held several championships within the Lone Star State, including the ACW Young Guns Championship, the RCW Heavyweight Championship the Inspire Pro Tag Team, and Heavyweight Championships, as well as the AAPW Heavyweight championship. Also on his list of accomplishments is the resume of talented professionals he has shared the ring with such as Ricochet, Lio Rush, Lance Hoyt, and Joey Janela.

One of the ways Steve stands out in this competitive business is through his creativity and imagination. He insists on not being like the rest of his fellow wrestlers by using not just unique offense, but different character work and wrestling psychology to connect with the crowd. Before transitioning to the name Steve'O Reno, he used many different monikers such as the patriotic American Eagle, the tennis player, Steve McEnroe, and at one point know as "Just Steve", and was trying to "find himself" by changin his gimmick every show. Steve not only helps instruct proper technique, but also emphasizes ring psychology in order to train capable and captivating wrestlers that the school is known for.