• Martial Arts Combat Training School in Austin, Texas

Our History


In 1990, a man was traveling from Orange County California to Houston Texas. On his way he happened to stop in Austin, Texas. Since he had a wrestling school and a karate school in California, he brought that dream with him, and opened one here in Austin, Texas. He started USPW (United Superstars Power Wrestling)/USPW (United Superstars Pro Wrestling)/CTPW (Capital Texas Power Wrestling)/CTPW (Champions Texas Pro Wrestling)/QFC (Quest For Champions), and today AAPW (Americas Academy Pro Wrestling).

Mr. George De La Isla has taught many men and women in professional wrestling over the years. He gave his heart and his mind into producing top talent in the Austin area. These pro wrestlers have gone on to be stars all over the world and work for many big companies in Japan, Mexico, and all over the United States. After 50 years in the wrestling business Mr. De La Isla decided to retire and he sold AAPW in 2017.

AAPW remains one of the top wrestling schools in Texas. We are the best because of philosophy he brought forth in training and producing champions in wrestling and in life. He was a role model of how a real pro wrestler ought to be and act in the wrestling business. His dream remains alive and well. AAPW continues to produce men and women in pro wrestling who share and dream and make it come true.

Thank you George for following your heart and changing peoples' lives!